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当电影导演说,"It's a wrap," they mean that the shooting of a scene has been finished.They may use the same expression when the shooting of the entire film is completed.这不是创作过程的结束,of course.All the editing must still be done.Once that's accomplished,the producer may declare that the final product is "in the can," and ready to be released or broadcast.From what I can determine,白羊座,you're on the verge of being able to say,“这是一个包装”为您自己的项目之一。在你准备断言之前还有更多的工作要做,"it's in the can."

In accordance with astrological omens,我邀请你创造你自己的王位,当你需要思考深刻的想法和制定重要的决定时,请你坐在上面。确保您的电动座椅舒适,美观大方。To enhance your ability to wield your waxing authority with grace and courage,我也鼓励你打造自己的王冠,权杖,以及礼仪鞋。They,too,should be comfortable,beautiful,优雅。

In 1995,天文学家鲍勃·威廉姆斯强烈要求研究一小块夜空,而大多数其他天文学家认为这片夜空很无聊。它靠近被称为北斗七星的星座。Luckily for him,他可以忽略同事们令人沮丧的压力。这是因为他被授权使用大功率哈勃太空望远镜10天。To the surprise of everyone but Williams,他的项目很快就发现,这个看似不起眼的部分天空中充满了超过3000个星系。我怀疑你可能会遇到类似威廉斯的挑战,双子座。A pet project or crazy notion of yours may not get much support,但我希望你无论如何都能继续努力。我敢打赌你的发现和任何人的期望都不一样。

CANCER (June 21-July 22)
A study by the Humane Research Council found that more than eighty percent of those who commit to being vegetarians eventually give up and return to eating meat.国家卫生研究所的一项研究表明,只有36%的酗酒者能够完全康复;其余的都复发了。我们都知道有多少人会更频繁地做新年计划,金宝博但是到2月份就不要去健身房了。这是坏消息。金宝博好消息是,金宝博巨蟹座的,is that during the coming weeks you will possess an enhanced power to stick with any commitment you know is right and good for you.好好利用!

LEO (July 23-Aug.22)
地球上有两个地方比欧洲和非洲不同吗?但是有一个地方,直布罗陀海峡,where Europe and Africa are just 8.7 miles apart.Russia and the United States are also profoundly unlike each other,但在白令海峡把它们分开的地方,只有2.5英里远。我预见到了你生活中一个比喻上可比的现象。两种情况、影响或观点似乎没有什么共同点,结果会比你想象的更接近对方。

处女座篮球明星拉特雷尔·斯普雷维尔在职业生涯中打了13年。他本可以再延长职业生涯至少三个赛季,但他拒绝了明尼苏达队2100万美元的报价,抱怨他的四个孩子吃不饱。I will ask you not to imitate his behavior,Virgo.If you're offered a deal or opportunity that doesn't perfectly meet all your requirements,don't dismiss it out of hand.现在有点妥协是明智的。

1992年,an Ethiopian man named Belachew Girma became an alcoholic after he saw his wife die from AIDS.And yet today he is renowned as a Laughter Master,致力于探索热情洋溢和娱乐的治疗能力。He presides over a school that teaches people the fine points of laughter,他拥有世界上连续笑时间最长的纪录,持续3小时6分钟。我提名他在接下来的两周内成为你的榜样。According to my analysis of the astrological omens,你将特别准备好从笑声的治愈力中获益。You're likely to encounter more droll and whimsical and hilarious events than usual,and your sense of humor should be especially hearty and finely-tuned.

SCORPIO (Oct.11月23日21)
发表在《社会心理学和人格科学》杂志上的一项研究表明,使用诅咒语的人往往更坦诚。“咒骂通常是不适当的,但它也可以证明有人告诉你他们的诚实意见,”首席研究员说。"Just as they aren't filtering their language to be more palatable,他们也没有过滤他们的观点。天蝎座,在接下来的几周里,我会鼓励你比平时更多地诅咒。According to my analysis of the astrological omens,你尽可能多地说出整个真相是至关重要的。(P.S.)无论你走到哪里,你的诅咒的爆发不一定非得被完全抛弃。You could accomplish a lot just by going into rooms by yourself and exuberantly allowing the expletives to roll out of your mouth.)

20世纪80年代中期,a California carrot farmer grew frustrated with the fact that grocery stories didn't want to buy his broken and oddly shaped carrots.A lot of his crop was going to waste.Then he got the bright idea to cut and shave the imperfect carrots so as to make smooth little baby carrots.They became a big success.Can you think of a metaphorically comparable adjustment you could undertake,射手座?Is it possible to transform a resource that's partially going to waste?Might you be able to enhance your possibilities by making some simple modifications?

CAPRICORN (Dec.1月22日19)
蒙古是一个巨大的内陆国家。It borders no oceans or seas.尽管如此,it has a navy of seven sailors.它的孤舟是停泊在霍夫斯哥湖上的拖船,这是北美苏必利尔湖面积的百分之三。我提议蒙古海军作为一个恰当的比喻,让你们在未来几周内从中汲取灵感。I believe it makes good astrological sense for you to launch a seemingly quixotic quest to assert your power,不管多么谦虚,in a situation that may seem out of your league.

“新鲜生活在我的内心深处,没有人能从我身上夺走,”瑞典诗人冈纳·埃克尔·费弗写道。"Something unstilled,unstillable is within me;it wants to be voiced," wrote philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.In accordance with your astrological omens,I propose we make those two quotes your mottoes for the next four weeks.在我看来,你有一个任务,去发掘你最新鲜和最不稳定的东西,然后培养它,celebrate it,and express it with the full power of your grateful,brilliant joy.

PISCES (Feb.3月19日)
According to the Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology,the word "obsession" used to refer to the agitated state of a person who was besieged by rowdy or unruly spirits arriving from outside the person."Possession," on the other hand,曾经指的是一个人与来自内心的暴躁或不守规矩的灵魂斗争时的激动状态。在西方基督教的观点中,这两种模式都被认为主要是消极的和有问题的。在许多其他文化中,however,spirits from both the inside and outside have sometimes been regarded as relatively benevolent,and their effect quite positive.As long as you don't buy into the Western Christian view,I suspect that the coming weeks will be a favorable time for you to consort with spirits like those.




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